Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hot sunny summer

Well, it finally feels like a Southern California summer here. Temps have been getting into the mid nineties. I am keeping an eye on my new baby avocado trees. One is putting out alot of new growth.. yay!

Several days ago we watched a couple of Cooper's Hawks in our neighborhood. One swooped down and grabbed a little song bird while my daughter watched. I hate to see that, but they have to eat too. I think they may have a nest in a tree across the street. I really like bird watching. Sometimes when we walk at night I can hear the barn owls flying overhead with their loud clicking sounds. They are the only type of owl I know that doesn't make a "who-who" sound. When we hear the typical owl sounds up here, we know it is probably a Great Horned Owl.

Anyway... going in now to post three or four new pattern pictures, then off to write the grocery list for this week.

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