Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wild and Weedy
16 Colors
119 stitches wide by 115 stitches high
Aida 14 count black cloth


  1. Have finally posted my last pattern up here in my blog. Will have to create some new ones now.
    Gail J.

  2. Oh, Gail...You've got some lovely patterns here!! Some of them look so realistic you can reach out and touch!!! Can't wait to see how you finish out the whale/sea otter design, I've been keeping my eye on that one! *Hugs*

  3. Gail, I love this Wild and Weedy...looks like my place, a little wild and weedy. Just looked at all the designs and they are so pretty.

  4. Thank you DJ, will have to get re-motivated to do the ocean design. Tried the penguin insert and realized it didn't look right so will have to go back to square one on that part and rethink that particular sketch.

    Thank you Babs... I actually did Wild and Weedy by sitting out in the back yard and sketching our weeds/wildflowers? and then playing around with the sketch in Pattern Maker.

    All designs are $5.00 sent PDF.

  5. this is stunning on black. i have done one project on black. thanks for sharing.

  6. The colors really come alive on the black background. It is awesome!